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Note: If you work at Google (80% of my network works at Googlers) or work at a place that is very liberal, please consider sharing the post (or the perspectives I bring up). And please check back occasionally. I’ll be writing (and actively contributing) a lot more on this and related matters… Our country can be less polarizing and Google can fix its algorithm problems (if only there were more conversations)…


Imagine this, every single day for the last 5 years, you were reminded that your opinion does not matter.

Not only do they not matter, they are wrong, and were subject to mockery and scorn.

Literally, down the line, every SINGLE opinion.

“You don’t believe in Pro-Choice? What, do you hate women?”

“No, I just don’t like the idea of sending a baby to infinity hell…”

“You don’t like welfare? What, do you hate poor people?”

“No, it’s just in my society, your job is your dignity…”

“You like guns? What, you like killing people?”

“No, it’s just in my society, guns have always reminded me of freedom…”

“What about Affirmative Action? What are you, racist?”

“No, it’s just, I’m already lacking opportunity…”

“What about Immigration? Are you xenophobic too?”

“No, it’s just… my job already doesn’t pay enough…”

“What about Coal? How can you support a dying toxic industry?”

“Ok, that’s pretty disrespectful. My uncle had a job in coal.”

Oil, Fracking? Are you such an idiot, you don’t believe in global warming?”

“No, it’s just… well, that’s my job…”

“Wow, we are not good enough, America.”

“…I’m not good enough?

“Yes, you’re not good enough. What about gender pronouns? Do you prefer he/him or her/she?”

*half of America has left the chat*

This week (March 28 – April 2, 2021), Vox published their season 2 of Glad You Asked S2 this week and it’s 4+ episodes about racism.

Somehow, through all this, we liberals convince ourselves through all this, the only solution is to send out more education. It’s been 5 YEARS. 5 YEARS of asking why Trump got elected, and we’re somehow still clueless. How terrible are we?


This is not rocket science. Can you blame them for being disenfranchised? For many blue collar American, it’s like they’re living in a Truman Show.

Conspiracy Theories are a pretty logical conclusion if you are ever told your interest and values are (1) wrong (2) hateful (3) misinformed.


I’m publishing this because I’m frustrated, but also scared.

I’m Asian. I don’t want to be called racist names or spat on.

I think AsianLivesMatter & StopAsianHate are overall good (police are now taking hate crime reports much more seriously, etc.)

But there may come a point where it’s overall harmful. And it may be sooner than later.


Because for 25%-50% of Americans, they see it as another reminder they don’t matter. And after 5 years of “telling them”, I don’t blame them.



Note 1: I was trying to think of a title for this post, and “All Lives Matter” popped up. Before I realized, I was terrified (due to being immediately misconstrued) and immediately cancelled.

Note 2: If you question my intentions, please read my goals before evaluating me (2021 plan).