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May 13 Update:

I received several requests from internet strangers to at least maintain ChartsOnlyGoUp. They find it incredibly useful as it is.

As such, I will continue to maintain it (keep it up-to-date). You can still email me feedback for suggestions, if I decide to work on it again.


I also received several requests to keep TenDollarData (non-subscription cheap stocks)

I am not able to keep the data up-to-date, at this time. Again, all data is ONLY up to 2020.

Maybe several months from now, but I don’t want to focus on maintaining multiple data pipelines and fulfilling orders in a quick way.


If you feel inclined, you can meet me or read my posts  posts (eg The 0 Friends Machine, my Open Letter to Google) to get an understanding of my social mission. Maybe you’ll consider following or helping!

Anyways, hope you’re having a good day.


April 1 Post:


If you stumbled upon my finance business (ChartsOnlyGoUp & TenDollarData), understand that both are now in archive mode. I will post updates on there soon.

For both websites, the data will include everything up to the end of 2020. I am no longer working on them.


I give additional details in my 2021 plan.  But basically, my incredibly depressing 2020 (my pain gave me much more compassion for others’ [including racists’] pain) + #StopAsianHate was the impetus.

I’m a liberal and worked at Google. I don’t think liberals realize how their “woke”-ness is causing racism to get worse. I don’t think liberals understand how so many of the problems can be solved with love.