This post (2021 plan) is no longer relevant. It was hasty of me to post, 31 days ago.

Please read for a more clear and up-to-date outlook.




April 15, 2021 update
Please note – My Goals & Missions may be changing. May need to think through this further.
I’ll try to provide an update when I have the time and clarity.
Regardless, please consider helping (by following, advice, connecting, etc.) My goals will still be related to spreading ideas and building free helpful communities.

Today is April 1, 2021.


It’s been 5 years. 5 damn years (since Trump took office) and everyone still doesn’t understand each other. How? How?


I am going to dedicate my 2021 (henceforth), trying to make America a better place.


I’ll be quick with my words. I can’t be careful with my words.

I can see why politics divulge into bad faith arguments.


I don’t want to get “murdered by AOC” or get “destroyed by Ben Shapiro”.

This is why I’ve hesitated.


I’ll try to be pleasant (as I am quite the nice person in real life).

But it’s not the priority.


I hope you read everything I write in good faith.

Because I think my motivations and actions are clearly and ultimately a call for better society we can all get behind.


Here’s 3 of my goals (as of April 1, 2021):

  1. To have a community (and resource) where people can ask questions and are inspired to run for local office (and inspired to support candidates).
    1. I created a subreddit (/r/election2022)
    2. Why? 
      • We need to believe in a brighter future.
      • We need a reason to trust society (kill cynicism/distrust)
  2. To have communities to help people with the struggles of life.
    1. I created subreddits (/r/SolveDepression, /r/CommitToFriends)
      1. I know “SolveDepression” may be a bad name. I’m open to suggestion. The issue is /r/Depression has become absolutely toxic.
    2. Why?
      • You need to believe in a better you.
      • Good critical reading/thinking is a mindset. It starts with a healthy mind.
  3. To provide analysis/stories that helps with (1) empathy (2) humility (3) better thinking & decision making.
    1. Why?
      1. We need to have humility to know how stupid we/I truly are/am.
      2. You’re almost certainly not as empathetic as you think.
      3. We need to understand the nature of stories.
        1. There’s not enough words in the universe to state our views. So we need to have good faith discussions, not the best clapbacks/Twitter dunks.
    2. I can’t fix human nature. I can’t stop our natural attraction to anger, etc. So if you must, channel your anger towards how people only talk past each other on the biggest problems. This IS a solvable problem.
      1. We (me) liberals care too much that we’ve disenfranchised half the population. How we can’t see it is beyond me (and is why I’m starting this all).
    3. I will probably (certainly) be hypocritical at times, like right now.

Let me be clear. I know I don’t know it all. I know how fallible I am. Duh.

But I must use strong language to make a point.


I’ll elaborate further on the subreddits in later posts.

I’ll also probably talk finance and internet economies since I know those best.

I’ll also entertain alternative solutions for a better future (eg a better filter bubble).




I originally wanted to simply educate people a bit on “finances” (story economy). Because this decade 2020-2030 is going to be a scary time (if you’re vulnerable).

(Remember, everything you read is a story. Every brainfart/thought is a micro-story, which makes the internet all the more troublesome.)

But through months of thinking, I’ve come to terms that the antidote to the story economy concerns applies to most societal concerns.


This is not the optimal tone for my message, I know.

I’m certainly doomed to fail.

Oh well! I’ll try my best to help the most people.



If it’s not clear how committed I am, understand that I’ve spent a lot of the past year trying to make my own finance business (,

I’m stopping my business, so we can build a better society.

If that inspires you to help, please do: Help pls (post not up yet).