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So I’m making my door open for anyone. Maybe you just want a friendly chat. Or maybe you seek support or personal/professional advice. You can skip down to the bottom to schedule (or here: calendly.com/tomwong/meet). But I think it’ll be good if you know a bit more about me.


I’m Tom, I’m 27 (born 1993).

  • The Good:
    • I studied at Penn State (B.S. in Finance, 2015).
    • I worked at Google for 5.4 years. In sales, support, business strategy, management, and data analytics functions.
    • I’m a hard-working, analytical, mission-driven person.
      • I started working at age 5. (I was one of those little Asian kids in the back of a Chinese restaurant doing homework.)
      • My 2021 mission is a lot of things. Right now, I want to make the world a bit more friendly. You can read how (and maybe sign up) here: link.
  • The Bad:
    • I can be incredibly anxious. So many times in college, I would walk up to the door of a house party… only to walk home, because I hated knowing someone will shout “Tom Wong!”… This anxiety has gotten much better over the years though.
    • I can be incredibly awkward. I will literally go on routes maybe 4 min longer, just so I don’t bump into the same person twice. This is even if I like the person.
      • This has costed me professionally and socially. Because when they see that, they think I don’t like them. No, it’s just I can be incredibly awkward.
    • Too much sincere appreciation and compliments can overwhelm me. Such that I start cursing “shut the f… up” profusely. So yea, I never read birthday cards, goodbye slides, etc…
  • The Ugly:
    • Much of the incredible amounts of self-hate, self-embarrassment (and self-deprecation) I describe probably stem from trying to start a webcomic (when I was age 15 to 18). Always too shy and anxious, I’d do anything BUT actually post the webcomics… I lived years absolutely crippled knowing I was such a coward……. though did I learn a lot about internet economies during that time, which incidentally helped me in life.
      • If this is you, know there’s a word. It’s called perfect procrastination. Knowing it’s not just you (and how a lot of people suffer from this long-term anxiety) helped me a lot… but yea, mine was the absolute worst.
      • This (and my depressing 2020) may be the driving force why I’m doing all “this” (trying to help society and others). I know how incredibly bad self-hate can get and how it affects the mind.
  • Anything Else:
    • I love everything Japan. The feudal history, the food, the culture, the cityscape, the Onsen, and Izakayas… total weeb, right? I’ve only been twice. I don’t watch much Anime. But I have cried 3 (no, maybe 4) times just thinking about the ending theme of The Last: Naruto movie (so good!…).
    • I love New York and hope to be back. Good memories!…
    • I believe everyone deserves love. Racists, murderers, torturers, it doesn’t matter. Yup.
    • I’m incredibly good at stocks. I might explain more (with time).
      • 2015-2021, my average stock picks return +50% each year.
      • But the truth is more complicated than that. In due time, I’ll explain.

So am I sad sop in real life? Nope. 99% of the the people would say I’m a pretty fun (and high-performing) guy, I’d say.

I hope you can tell from all this, that I am not a model person. We (including myself) all have our goods, bads, and uglies.

I want people to believe in themselves and believe in a better future (per my outdated 2021 plan). But clearly, I’m not the best person to say all that. I’m doing this cause I almost feel no one will (help the hopelessness epidemic, and try to make everyone, including racists, feel love). This is the only way.


Meet Me

Feel free to meet with me. I’m not a career coach. I’m not a mentor. I’m not a therapist. I’m not a crisis help center. But I can try my best to fill the void in any way I can.

All I can really guarantee is “human interaction”.  But I think that’s exactly what some people want. A familiar stranger to chat, listen/support, or seek advice (professional/personal).

Look forward to meeting: https://calendly.com/tomwong/meet. (We can video, voice, or text. Just answer questions in the form.)

email contact form – If you prefer email.

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